How to euthanize a dog at home with insulin?

To euthanize your dog at home is not an easy task. Seeing your loved ones departing in front of your eyes is the most painful thing.

But, sometimes, we need to make some tough decisions for the betterment and ease of our beloved. To save your dog from unnecessary pain and discomfort, euthanasia sometimes becomes the only possible option left to consider.

Before deciding to euthanize your dog, several factors need to be considered. Once it is decided that a dog should be euthanized, people ask about the best method.

Many people inquire about how to euthanize a dog at home? Some people also ask about the medications as well like insulin, Benadryl, Tylenol PM, etc.

How to euthanize a dog at home with insulin?


Why do we need to euthanize a dog?

Euthanasia, in simple words, is a process by which you kill your pet but in a painless way. It is the most painful decision for pet owners. Nobody wants to see their beloved pets in pain.

This process should be carried out at the veterinarian’s office with the careful and proper administration of the medicine. But in most cases, people prefer to euthanize their dog at home because they want to spend the last few moments with their beloved.

A trained and licensed practitioner can only carry out euthanasia. Before taking the decision, you can seek advice from several platforms.

You can consult the veterinarian, government services, or local council, and through online support groups as well. Before making any decision, you need to study the case thoroughly then you may proceed.

The only aim behind this is to save a dog from unnecessary pain. If your dog has reached his last days, is suffering from chronic pain, or is infected with any such disease that is not cure-able, or the treatment cost is out of your range, etc. All these reasons could result in putting your dog on euthanasia.


How to figure out the right time to euthanize a dog?

We should evaluate several factors before deciding to euthanize our dog. The fourth most factor is related to your dog’s physique, activeness, and overall health. By checking different signs and symptoms, one can decide whether their dog is near to death or not.

In such cases, dogs are euthanized so that they can depart from this world without encountering unnecessary pain. Mostly, in such cases, people prefer to euthanize their dog at home so that they can share the last precious moments of their beloved pet with them.

Other cases, which may lead to euthanasia, include the onset of any chronic pain. In many cases, the treatment expenses are beyond the range of the dog owners.

With time the pain also gets severe, and if any decision is not made on time, the pain may lead to the natural death of the dog. Many people in this situation decide to euthanize their dogs to at least save them from unnecessary pain in their last times.


What if the dog woke up after Euthanasia?

There are very few cases reported yet about any dog which got awake after euthanasia. All those cases were the results of incorrect dosage administration. A dog cannot wake up from euthanasia if the right amount of medicine is administered correctly.

Rigorous training is given to the practitioner to perform euthanasia. Only the licensed one can carry out the process. The owners should not try to carry out this process at home without the assistance of an expert because their dog may wake up after euthanasia due to improper handling.


How to euthanize a dog at home?

If your dog is too old or can’t afford the expensive treatment to cure your dog’s ailment, or if you do not have any access to certified veterinary services, then it might be the only option left, i.e., to put your dog to sleep.

It is indeed a difficult decision for the master to say goodbye to his beloved pet. Usually, most people want this process to get done in their home to spend the last moments of their particular with them.

The best approach in such scenarios is to euthanize the dog at home with particular medications with the required dosage to get the correct results.


Medicines to euthanize a dog

Several medicines can be used to euthanize a dog like:

  • Benadryl
  • Insulin
  • Tylenol PM
  • Other sleeping pills, etc.

The thing that needs to keep in mind here is that a veterinarian should be consulted for proper guidance. A licensed practitioner should do the process of euthanizing your dog.

Never try to euthanize your dog by yourself because mishandling may lead to harmful results. So, be extremely careful about it.


How to euthanize a dog with insulin?

Insulin in everyday practice is used to treat diabetes. Over-dose of this insulin can lead to death as well. Many people administer an overdose of insulin to euthanize a dog, which eventually works as a silent killer for the dog and leads it to death.

For the administration and to decide the right amount of the dose, an expert is consulted. Several factors need to be checked. The weight of the dog is one of the essential factors in this case.

After a complete evaluation, the final dosage and the time for euthanasia are assigned to the dog. After this, the decision is totally up to the master of the dog that whether he wants to euthanize his dog at his home or in the veterinarian’s office. Wherever you want, you can carry out the euthanasia of your dog.


Effects of insulin

The standard dose of insulin maintains the blood glucose level within the normal range in the ones who are diabetic. If an overdose of insulin is injected, it will affect adversely and will kill your dog.

Not only in the diabetic sufferers but also the normal ones, overdosed insulin results in hypoglycemic coma. The dog will first become lazy or unconscious, and eventually, this will lead to his death.

Euthanizing with the help of overdosed insulin is not an approved method. But many people euthanize their dogs with insulin.

The decision to euthanize your dog was never an easy task for any pet lover. But, this thing is being done for a long time.

The fundamental reason behind this is the love and concern of a master for his dog that doesn’t let him wait and see his beloved suffering badly from pain or weakness.

The only aim behind this is to relieve the dog from pain and end his suffering through the most painless approach. There are many ways to euthanize your dog, but the most preferred one is to euthanize your dog using Benadryl.

The reason behind this is the low cost and easy handling throughout the procedure. So always handle with care and choose the best option for your beloved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What pills will euthanize a dog?

There are many medications that a veterinarian uses to euthanize a dog. Among them are Benadryl, sleeping pills, Tylenol PM, insulin, etc. Most of the practitioners use medicine named pentobarbital. It is a seizure medicine.

When the medicine is injected in large doses, it causes the pet to become unconscious. The effects of this medicine are pretty quick, and within 2 or 3 minutes after being administered, it shuts down the dog’s vital organs, including his brain and heart.


Can you euthanize a dog at home?

For sure, there are different medicines available that can contribute to humanely euthanizing a dog at home. Before getting into action, you need first to confirm that whether there is a need to euthanize your dog or not.

Once you are sure about it, consult with a licensed practitioner to inject an adequate amount of medicine to euthanize your dog.

As per the prescription of the veterinarian, the drug would be used to euthanize the dog. Instead, in general, there are different medications available for this like Benadryl, Tylenol PM, sleeping pills, etc.


What is the cheapest way to put a dog down?

One of the cheapest to put a dog down is by using over-the-counter drugs, one of the best among them is Benadryl. Benadryl is an over-the-counter drug used to treat different allergies. It is readily available in any of the drug stores.

It is also effective in treating motion sickness or anxiety in dogs. If this Benadryl is administered in large quantity, it will euthanize your dog, and he will never wake up again.

To euthanize, Benadryl would be required in a large amount. The recommended amount is usually 3 to 4 times more than average.

For a 25 pound weighted dog, at least 75 or 100 mg of Benadryl should be administered. It is said that always give your dog more Benadryl than you think to ensure that the euthanasia gets successful without any failure.


Is it legal to euthanize your dog at home?

A trained and licensed practitioner can only carry out euthanasia. Before taking the decision, you can seek advice from several platforms.

You can consult the veterinarian, government services, or local council, and through online support groups as well. Before making any decision, you need to study the case thoroughly then you may proceed.

Whether you decide to euthanize your dog at home or the veterinarian clinic, a licensed practitioner should be involved in this task. You cannot put your dog down yourself because it would be considered animal cruelty by law. So, be careful throughout the whole scenario.

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